“If you are alive, there’s a purpose for your life.”-Rick Warren

“Purpose must be deliberately conceived and chosen, then pursued.”-Clayton Christensen

Who am I?  How do I see myself now and in the future?  What work will I be doing five, ten, twenty or thirty  years from now?  What do I see in myself as my talents and gifts?  What are my favorite studies, interests, hobbies or sports?  What do significant others in my life praise as my talents and gifts?  What vision or dream do I have of myself as a purpose to become and to pursue with all the passion within me?

My journey to become who I was born to be, my purpose for living. Writing down a my thoughts and work plan to develop my purpose is valuable. My vision for my life, my purpose represents a part of me that has not yet become a full reality.  If I want my purpose to come true, I must write the strategies that I will use to make them happen and work on them each day.  It takes courage to become.  I just have to muster enough courage to make the first step, then the next  one and the next one.  Soon I are well on my journey of evolving and becoming.

When I start something new or purse a new purpose, there will always will be negative opinions. But I must pursue my purpose, my vision and dream for myself, regardless. If I believe that is my destiny, I will let nothing or no one stop me.  I may be very scared or shaken inside at the start of my journey to become more. Everyone has a few fears when setting their mind to do something new or reaching for better.  There are friends who I have never met that well be helpers along my journey to become.  That is what I have experienced before.

It is good to specify goals, objectives, plans for reaching goals, measurements, assessment of progress, benchmarks, milestones and a feedback system for all stakeholders involved with my framework for change for myself to become much more.  It is also good to develop a supportive network.  People who are invested in seeing me reach to new heights. Having a mentor and advocate around is another plus. There is so much information on the internet and in the library. There are many organizations that have internships and mentoring programs.  It never hurts to ask for help or a second opinion. People who are experienced in the the field of your purpose are the ones to follow.  There is very much good information in books and on social media, too.

If you fill your heart with your studies and articles related to your field of purpose and experiences such as internships, also inspirational quotes and scriptures this will help you stay focus during difficult challenges and adversity, you will eventually have success.   There are failures and successes on any journey. Failures and successes are a part of life.  We learn, get better, stronger and wiser from the lessons and from failures.  These are lessons that need to be learned.   My purpose in life is important to me.   I want to make a positive impact on the world and leave a legacy.  How valuable is your vision of your purpose to you?  How focus are you?  Are you on fire with courage?  What are you doing to develop into your purpose?

It comes to a point where one has to step out and do.  Talk is cheap. Work is hard.  Taking a course online or at a physical  location is an investment in you time, focus and energy.  Developing into a purpose is hard work and possible.  One has to have the discipline to stick to one’s strategy and, the get up and go power within oneself, everyday.  It is only your choice and decision to become your purpose and fulfill your purpose.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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