My special topics of interest on Twitter:
leadership, intention, happiness, creativity, startups, VC, venture capitalism, MOOC, massive open online education, news, climate, refugees, human rights, innocent project.

I always want to learn more about
the entrepreneurs, marketing, communications, design thinking, teaching, mathematics, small businesses, incorporated companies, finance, trading stocks, banks, coding, and technology companies, mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry and teaching.

I have a love for inspiratinal quotes related to leadership, setting intentions, happiness, wellbeing, contentment, passion, purpose, fortitude and those which spark imagination and creative thinking.

I appreciate your follow very much on Twitter. I am trying to increase my followers on Twitter to 10,000.
I appreciate you very much for telling your friends about my topics of interest. We can learn together. There are many subject experts on twitter. I have interest in learning information that can make me and my life happier, better and stronger. I want my family, community, and global friends to be happier, better and stronger, too.

Thank you for visiting me onTwitter. I have over 175,000 tweets and I have over 4,000 followers. I tweet my passions and follow many inspirational business and global change agents, business thought leaders, companies and organizations.

  Make your great gift of today, the greatest. Other hash tags of mine are #LifeThoughtsPress on Twitter.
  Thank you again.


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