I like IBM Watson and the Boston Dynamics robots. My curiosity was further peaked when I saw the talking female figure robots that have been created in Japan. The twenty-first century is ushering in so many new technological advances.

I think that IBM Watson is so wonderful that I have to read about the cognitive intelligence computer to see what he is doing each week on twitter. Everyone knows that Chef Watson recipes are like none other.  Also Chef Watson is helping in research in many fields of disciplines.  My favorite fields being medical and business. I also heard recently that he is learning a foreign language. What can he not do?

I also think it is interesting how robots are being integrated in the food industry. But I have not seen any robots making cocktails or taking orders for food in any restaurants in my hometown of Lawton, Oklahoma.
I believe the robots might be excellent
farm or factory workers
but I believe they will always need human managers.


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