Everyone should know about MOOC. You have to first know what those letters stand for and that is lesson #1:  Massive Open Online Course.

Last time I have read that there are 4 levels,1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0. It is a new way of learning a subject or information which involves computers, connecting with the internet and information is downloaded and shared from teachers to students and/or between students.

MOOCs 1.0 The information of the teacher is downloaded to student(s). There is only one way communication.  The student’s job is to listen.

MOOCs 2.0 The information of the teacher is downloaded to students(s) and the student(s) are able to give information back to the teacher.

MOOCs 3.0 The students are able to communicate with the teacher and other students. Other student views are able to be taken into consideration and it is an integral component of design thinking and empathic design.

MOOCs 4.0 Education and business leaders through global collaboration can be linked directly with students and others to drive the learning process online to encourage innovation and change in individuals, communities and around the globe. The use of  concentrated listening by the learners to sense ones highest potential with the input of others, action learning initiatives, coaching circles and global live sessions and the use word cloud maps help to makeup a MOOC 4.0.

I have completed courses through edX MOOC platform. I have friends who have completed coursework through CTU and American Sentinel University MOOCs. I have read information online about ASU and Coursera platforms. Microsoft also offers many online IT courses. It is very wonderful opportunity to take courses in information that interest you and support your job performance and career mobility. There are so many opportunities available for MOOCs through universities, colleges,
IT schools, business schools and etc.
The IoE will eventually make education available to everyone. I am waiting to hear more about world free WIFI. Free world WIFI will be a major catalyst in education and trade for many around the world.

09/2016 My global vision would be that every child and adult on this earth would be given their very own laptop so that they could access MOOCs to pursue education at k-12 school level and college level at anytime. My dream also includes free WIFI for all. I believe edX, Coursera, GFA, CTU, ASU, American Sentinel university, Codecademy, MS Virtual Academy, #IBMLearningLab have excellent platforms for online education. I have also discovered a fountain of knowledge and courses at intelligentHQ.com and traderdna.com.
There are many other online sites that you must research for yourself. It is good to talk with family and friends to see what online education sites that they are enrolled in.


Otto Scharmer.  THE BLOG “MOOC 4.0: The Next Revolution in Learning & Leadership.”  HUFFPOST. May 04,2015.  Accessed May 7, 2015.  Updated May 12, 2015. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7209606


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